How to make a chai tea cafe brand with cloud kitchens? Online Only Restaurant trend in Canada. Virtual kitchen latte automation machines

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Introducing cloud kitchens, commercial facilities purpose-built to produce food specifically for delivery.

Cloud kitchen are centralized licensed commercial food production facilities where anywhere from one or two to dozens of restaurants rent their commercial presence of operate from one single location. One restaurant may run multiple brands, or virtual restaurants, all operating under one roof, or the kitchen may be run like an incubator,

Well moving to a delivery only model has been made possible recently by advances in technology and changes in consumer habits. It offers certain advantages over offering delivery from a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Before we get into how a cloud kitchen differs from a normal restaurant offering delivery, let’s take a look at where Chai Hai fits in this cloud kitchen concept.


We are very much one of those South Asian whose day doesn’t start without a cup of chai tea. We are also one of those who need their cup of chai to taste ‘just right’! And we definitely understand the importance of chai when needed. For most of the people in Canada, finding a good cup of chai is a major challenge and people have to settle with so called chai.

What we observed,

Now virtual kitchens are uniquely tech-enabled. They take advantage of the food delivery apps on your smartphone, such as Skip the Dishes, Grubhub, UberEats and Doordash. These Restaurants can Always serve fresh tea, quickly with just press of a button without compromising on flavour and taste.

We’ve also noticed that South Asian food entrepreneurs are increasingly seeking commercial kitchen space to launch their own virtual restaurant concepts and shared kitchens in demand by offering additional services to maximize the efficiency and success of virtual restaurant tenants by providing them high quality equipment and a relaible distribution partner.

In Brick and Mortar Dine In Restaurants,

People have to wait for their cup of chai due to complexity of orders and traditional way of making chai which is a time consuming process and hardly consistent over the taste.

In Offices,

Between work breaks, people either have to satisfy themselves with substandard coffee or have to resort to tea bags which lack the authenticity of chai.

In Home,

Consistency is always an issue at home plus this process requires couple of utensils plus ingredients and time.

Sensing this,

We introduce premium chai machines and products from the best estates of India to Canada and USA market and for cloud kitchen Owners and operators. Our machines can dispense best quantity chai latte. With the Chai Hai machines, you can add chai tea into your Menu or upgrade to our multiple flavours offering a standard taste every time. Our high quality Tea/Coffee Machines ensure no wastage of Tea or coffee. Chai Hai machines can serve same quantity each and every time you press a button with no mess.

Machines saves you labour of making tea or coffee, No time wastage, No utensils, No gas in making tea, No need of separate Milk and much more benefits.

The chai tea machine is designed for offices with one of the following intentions:

To save Money on coffee bills, lunch room Tea, Milk and Sugar Spend Want a variety of options, like chai lattes, teas, cappuccino and hot chocolate, at a lower cost to beans or capsules. Want a one touch machine for customers without undergoing large expenses.

Our chai tea machines have some features and some features are listed below

Saves Money – Because the machine controls how much product is dispensed per cup it enables companies to reduce their spend on these items. +-95% of companies land up saving money when using our chai tea machine

Super Simple To Operate – Automatic chai machines dispenses at the touch of a button.

Speed – The chai tea machine is super quick and dispenses a drink in less than 10 seconds. This dispensing time includes the time to mix the ingredients inside the machine,

Water Tank Size – The chai tea machines can hold a large amount of water. Water bottles with a 16-20 litre water tank or can be plumbed into the water mains

Large Capacity – The chai tea machine is designed for large usage and has a storage capacity of 150 cups between fills. The chai tea machine has a capacity for 240 cups per hour.

No Fancy Lights or Screens – The chai tea machine has many strong features but if you are after the best looking machine on the block, this probably isn’t the machine for you. There are no fancy screens or backlights on the machine 

Not A Big Commercial Machine – The chai tea machine can handle small and medium size business only.

We also offer vast variety of delicious instant flavours in different quantities.

Cappuccino & Coffee: 

Black Coffee  

Hot chocolate 

English toffee

French Vanilla

Madras/Filter Coffee

Chai flavours include ( Low sugar & Unsweetened):





Kadak plain chai

Karachi chai

Saffron chai

Green Tea Base Chai Products:

Kashmiri Kahwa (Green tea base)

Kashmiri Pink tea (Green tea base) 

latte with Jaggery base

Turmeric Latte

Indian Dessert beverage 

Kesar drink mix latte (Saffron milk)

Cuppa Masala Soup:

Tomato soup premix 

Add ons



Milk Powder

Vegan Milk Powder

If you’re thinking of setting up a delivery-only food brand, head over to Chai Hai, you will be given a list of buying or rentable chai tea equipments in your area, with all the details you need to find out more and get in touch.

For corporate need please contact us directly at Rex Distribution

Rex Distributon Inc is a distribution company who deals in Chai Hai machines and other cloud kitchen equipments and machines for reducing labor cost and help generating revenues for restaurant owners and operators.

Toll free: 1-833-888-8739 


Video link:


Chai hai – premium chai services in Canada


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