Masala Chai with a press of a button – Chai Hai is premium chai service in Canada

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Chai hai – premium chai services in Canada

Chai Hai- Premium chai services 


Chai Hai has developed exotic chai and latte products and served customers in segment like restaurants, offices, retail, food service industry, corporate, factories, vending shops and independent markets with a continuously evolving vision.

Offering comprehensive chai tea services, foodservice, vending and water programs to satisfy a broad spectrum of users by providing services across Canada and USA.

Operating from Toronto, ON and provide local deliveries and maintenance/services to an area encompassing Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas like Oshawa to the east, Windsor to the west and Barrie to the north.

Our brand symbolises quality in terms of taste and service, reliability and health products. Chai Hai is not only a well-known brand in Canada but has also efficaciously marking its presence in USA.


We are very much one of those South Asian whose day doesn’t start without a cup of chai tea. We are also one of those who need their cup of chai to taste ‘just right’! And we definitely understand the importance of chai when needed.

What we observed,

For most of the South Asian and South Asian working professionals in Canada, finding a good cup of chai is a major challenge.

In Restaurants,

People have to wait for their cup of chai due to complexity of orders and traditional way of making chai which is a time consuming process and hardly consistent over the taste.

In Offices,

Between work breaks, people either have to satisfy themselves with substandard coffee or have to resort to tea bags which lack the authenticity of chai.

Sensing this,

We introduce premium chai machines and products from the best estates of India to Canada and USA market.

Chai Service,

Our State-of-the-art, high-quality tea and coffee vending machines are the Industry leaders in Chai Tea Machines.

Our variety of hot and cold beverages are crafted keeping in mind the highest standards of authentic quality and tastes that are unique to North America.

Our premium teas are sourced from the best tea gardens in India; our coffee uses selected beans to create a delightful flavour and strong aroma.

We use the purest ingredients to retain freshness till the last drop.

Our variety of spicy soups act as a good appetizer before any meal.

Our cold beverages and special exotic beverages promise to be a treat for all the senses.

We have multi options vending machines that includes three, and four selection settings to suit your needs.

It is self-cleaning machine and requires minimum maintenance.

Machine is suitable for home, offices, colleges, shopping arcade, cafeteria, food service places, etc.

We also offer vast variety of delicious instant premix flavours in different quantities at wholesale price.

The flavors include ( Low sugar & Unsweetened)





Kadak plain chai

Karachi chai

Saffron chai

Kashmiri Kahwa (Green tea base)

Kashmiri Pink tea (Green tea base)

Immunity booster tea ( Green tea and Jaggery base)

Madras/Filter Coffee

Kesar drink mix latte (Saffron latte)

Hot chocolate

English toffee

French Vanilla

Tomato soup premix

We are always experimenting to get new flavors in market and they are added time to time.

We take care of installations & maintenance of machine, and delivering supplies in different areas and via online throughout Canada

We call to take orders. It is our commitment to deliver the best service.



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